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We clean all the window treatments in our factory using high-qualified technicians and professional equipment.
Our ProCarpetService professionals are committed to providing professional drapery cleaning procedures as specified by fiber manufacturers.
Here are the procedures we follow for any cleaning pice:  
Pre-test each piece of upholstery to determine the best cleaning method
Pre-groom contact areas. This helps loosen dirt and improves vacuum cleaning efficiency
Pre-vacuum. We will thoroughly vacuum the entire piece of upholstery, carpet or window treatment including crevices, to remove dry, loose soil
Pre-treat spots and stains when required
Pre-apply cleaning solution.
Hot water extraction of wet-cleanable fabrics
Application of fabric protector.

Our technicians have years of experience with water damage and have graduated from Applied Microbial Remediation Technician, Applied Structural Drying and Water Damage Restoration courses, giving our carpet cleaning professionals the knowledge to provide the necessary work. 

The steps of a regular flood job are as follows:
1. Extraction: Vacuum out the maximum amount of water from the flooded area.
2. Biocide: Treatment is sprayed to kill and inhibit the growth of microorganisms including mold, bacteria, viruses and other microbes that grow as the result of water damage.
3. Psychometry: Defined as the science of drying, this is the ongoing process of monitering the humidity levels within the affected areas. Our specialized moisture meters can measure the levels of humidity behind the walls and in other covered areas, as well as on exposed surfaces. As such we know when the surface is in fact dry, not just dry to the touch.
4. Evaporation: Air movement through blowers, which act as powerful fans to circulate the air. Dehumidifiers may be used to remove moisture from the air, especially when it is impractical or impossible to let in a draft of fresh, dry air from outside.

We can professionally treat pet stains or any stains
Anti-Stain protection can be applied to almost any fabric in your home.
Once applied in the right way, it produces an invisible layer of protection for the fabric. This protection can help stains from becoming a permanent eyesore in your home.
Here is a sampling of some of the carpet spots that we come across on a daily basis.
1. Animal urine, feces and vomit can cause spots.
2. Stains caused by furniture can be corrected.
Many times a spilled drink will drain down a furniture leg and cause a spot
3. Many foods cause spots. Ketchup, mustard, green vegetables, wine, cooking grease, etc.
4. Many situations can cause permanent dark stains. Garden soil, grease, food, pet, etc.
5. Red spots are caused by a number of different household items
Generally food or drink related.
6. Rust is usually caused when metal that is touching the carpet is exposed to water.
This can be caused by metal furniture, fish tanks, water heaters.
If you need weekly service or just on and off cleaning to freshener your home we can help you with that.

We can organise the cleaner to come any day and time convenient for you. Our one off cleaning services is suitable for all customers who do not require cleaning on regular basis. Apart from the cleaning we can help you with ironing as well. Procarpetservice can provide all the necessary cleaning materials on request.Our one-off cleaning services includes:
Please check the services you need for your home:  
 Entrance Area: Wipe skirting boards, Wipe door, Vacuum carpet, Wash floor in necessary.
 Kitchen: Wash up, Clean hob, Clean inside/outside microwave, Clean inside/outside oven, Clean inside/outside fridge, Clean inside/outside kitchen cupboards, Clean all surfaces, Clean sink, Wipe washing machine, Wipe dishwasher, Clean inside windows and window sills, Vacuum carpet, Wash floor in necessary.
 Living room: Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Vacuum carpet edges, Wash floor in necessary, Clean mirrors, Wipe table, Dust all surfaces, Clean pictures, Wipe skirting boards and door, Clean windows inside; Dust and wash windows sills.
 Bedrooms: Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Vacuum carpet edges, Wash floor in necessary, Clean mirrors, Dust all surfaces, Clean pictures, Wipe skirting boards and door, Clean windows inside; Dust and wash windows sills, Change Sheets (if necessary).
 Bathrooms: Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors; Scrub and disinfect toilet, Clean and discale bath & showers, shower doors and tiles; Scrub and discale bathroom sinks; wipe all counters; Clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame.

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